Welcome to Story and Forge…

Showcasing the work of the talented couple David and “Miss Louise” Tucciarone.


The Story Behind “Story and Forge”

United in marriage in 1976, many separate but together adventures would

occur for David and Louise. From Huntington, New York (She a teacher and

he a laboratory student), to Roanoke, Virginia, where they both worked in the

Lewis Gale Hospital laboratory.


In 1980, a move was made to Portsmouth, Virginia. David went to work in a

local shipyard and Louise worked at Maryview Hospital. From 1988 to 1992

they resided in Bedford, Virginia. David commuted to Roanoke working as a

hardware store clerk, and Louise secured a job with the Bedford Public

Library in 1991.


Their final move came in 1992 to Rustburg, Virginia. David went full time with

his blacksmithing in 1993, and Louise launched her storytelling in 1996. With

the rapid growth of computer technology, it was just a matter of time before

the separate but together adventures would find themselves united once

again . . . on the World Wide Web. After 32 years in the making, Story and

Forge was launched in 2008.