Miss Louise Programs

You can hear Miss Louise perform through a variety of venues.
During the school year you can hear and see Miss Louise during the preschool storytimes on Tuesdays at the Bedford Central Library in Bedford, VA.

Just before spring break each year, (late March to early April) Miss Louise tells stories to the fourth grade students of the Bedford Hills Elementary School in Lynchburg, VA.

Summertime often finds Miss Louise telling stories to audiences of all ages at nearby public library systems.

Email her at MissLouise@storyandforge.com to request a copy of her CD “A Collection of Stories.” The cost is only $13.00 which includes the postage to send it to you. Please make your check payable to Louise Tucciarone and include your mailing address so that it can be sent to you without delay.

A Few Quotes from My Listeners

Each year, since 2002, I present some of my stories to the fourth grade students of the Bedford Hills Elementary School in Lynchburg, VA. The following is a sampling of the thank you notes I have received from the children.

“Thank you so much for giving of your time to tell us great stories. I love the one about your dad and the dog. Those are my favorite stories.”

“Thank you for coming and sharing stories with us. Thank you for letting me be the cow in your play. Mrs. Louise you are very nice and when I see the book of life savers, I will remember you.”

“Than you for telling our class stories. My favorite story was the Jack tale. My favorite part is when he put the donkey, the gold, and the carriage on his back.”

“The stories were so neat! I liked the story about Christmas. I can’t believe that I can be a storyteller. Thanks for coming. I had lots of fun.”

“The stories were awesome and so were those paper things (cut and tell story). I liked the Easter Bunny one the best. I also liked the spider one because it (the spider) loved to to parties and he paid the price. They were the best stories I have ever heard.”

“I enjoyed hearing you tell stories. They were very fun. I especially liked the ones were you would cut out pictures to go with them. It was very fun. Thank you.”