Miss Louise

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Growing up I was predominately a story listener, spellbound by the stories

my father told. No matter how often he repeated the same story, he always

made it fresh and new. I earned my BA degree from Houghton College in

Houghton, New York. While teaching elementary school, I completed a

master’s degree at SUNY in Stonybrook, New York.


My storytelling career began when I moved to Virginia and found a job in a

public library. For over eighteen years I have been a storytime coordinator

and presenter for the Bedford Public Library System. Besides attending

many workshops and conferences, my training as a storyteller includes

classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I am a proud member of the

Virginia Storytelling Alliance (VASA), The National Storytelling League (NSL),

and the Old Dominion Blacksmiths Association. I am also listed in the Library

of Virginia’s Performers Directory. I have been featured at several Virginia

libraries as part of their Summer Reading Series.


Among my performances are Bedford and Campbell County Libraries, as well

as Fluvanna County Library in Fork Union, and the James L. Hamner Public

Library in Amelia, VA. Using my side blue eyes and shock of white hair as

natural props, I am at home with a variety of venues. I design programs for

libraries, school, civic organizations, and churches. My audiences range

from preschool age to senior citizens.