Sunrise Forge Endorsements

“David Tucciarone was an excellent student and did such a great job as my assistant instructor that I recommended him to teach one of my classes when I decided not to teach it any more.”

Clay Spencer, Blacksmithing Instructor at John C. Campbell Folk Shcool since 1988.


“A member of the best crew I ever had!”

Francis Whitaker, 1992 Chandelier Workshop


“Words that come to mind when thinking of David: conscientious; careful; considerate; solid; dependable/reliable; honest; skilled; thoughtful; inquiring; tenacious. I would never worry about David taking a shortcut because it was easier or cheaper. I know that once the job is in hand it will be done to the absolute best of standards. If that were not enough for a craftsman, David is also a fine human being.”

Nol Putnam, Master Blacksmith, formely smith for the Washington National Cathedral


“Great, great basket maker.”

Francis Whitaker 1992 Advanced Blacksmithing Class